The Lift Health and Fitness Story

Shae Pomeroy

Our Founder

In 2020,  after  having served 7 years in the United States Air Force, I decided it was time to move on to a different ideology of service before self.

Lift Health and Fitness was built during a global pandemic, in a time of utter crisis. But what better way to serve the community than to prove investing in your health is the root of all survival.

While many questioned my vision at the time, Lift has grown into something well beyond what I ever imagined. It has become a part of life for many, a pit stop throughout their day after home and work obligations. We wanted to create an environment where the happiest hour of your day is spent in our gym. We know that the benefits of such a place can create a better life for not only our members, but their family…in turn create a small catalyst to make the world a better place. Happier and healthier people can accomplish just that!

A lot has changed since 2020 in the health and fitness industry. For starters, it’s confusing out there! Especially coming out of a global disaster. We are in a time where fad diets and “quick fix” exercise routines are taking over. People are bombarded with health information from their friends, doctors and influencers that play professionals on social media. Many times that information is confusing, and often incorrect. There are new fitness trends and franchises exploding annually! Orange Theory Fitness, Burn Boot Camp, F45, etc., etc. Let’s also not forget the Thigh Master, 8 Minutes Abs, surgical weight loss procedures and those magic diet pills.

I’m all for the growth and bringing the importance of health and fitness to the forefront in a world where people are getting more overweight and sicker annually. Competition in this space is good for business. Personally, it keeps us on our toes striving to always improve and never get complacent in our product and services we provide. When we first opened in 2020, we were a small gym consisting of one private training room, and one larger garage space for group classes. Now…only a short few years later, we have doubled our private training rooms, tripled our space for group classes, and an entire upstairs is calling out for more opportunity. What’s even more spectacular is our team has grown from two to SIX, allowing us to take on more members and expand our community to greater heights.

The greatest growth came on the fitness side where we now offer programs including 1 on 1 Personal Training, Group Classes, Nutrition Coaching, Body Composition Testing and more. The goal is to help the most people possible.

It is the expectation that Lift Health and Fitness better tells our story and allows more people a chance to hear it.

Our Team

Shae Pomeroy

Owner / Trainer / Coach

B.S. Exercise Science, NSCA Personal Trainer, Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1, United States Air Force Veteran

Fitness is a demanding lifestyle, one that requires dedication, persistence and passion. It has allowed me to escape the mental and physical barriers in my life, shifting negative emotions into positive results. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle has allowed me to strengthen my mindset, and better my overall wellbeing. I strive to guide others towards their ideal self by forging the path necessary for success. That is why I built Lift Health and Fitness. Together, we can accomplish incredible things.

Hanna Simpkins

Head Trainer / Nutrition Coach 

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

I have always been passionate about getting my body moving and challenging myself. From a young age I have been involved in athletics and lifting. After graduating college, I decided I wanted to have a career in the fitness industry. There is nothing I love more than helping others and giving them the tools to achieve their goals. From lifting, to yoga, to CrossFit, to spin, to hiking and rucking, there is not much that I don’t enjoy doing. I have trained in many different ways to achieve many different goals and I really think that has made me more versatile as a coach and trainer. Whether your goals are to gain strength, stamina, muscle, or to change body composition, I would love to help get you there!

Lauren Bis

Trainer / Coach / Yoga Instructor

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist

From a young age I had always heard the saying ‘an object in motion stays in motion,’. I never really understood what it meant until I severely injured my back. I had to face and overcome many personal battles due to the pain and limitations I suffered every day. Then, just recently, I discovered I had cancer. This unexpected obstacle changed my perspective on life, the human spirit, and the importance of health. My unique background in studying massage therapy and personal training has allowed me to understand the body and its complexity; and my lifelong dedication to exercise and athletics has allowed me to appreciate the discipline and determination it takes to create, work towards, and conquer a goal. I’m passionate and excited to be a part of your journey and look forward to helping you grow, achieve, and live your best life.

Trevor Thompson


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. Exercise Science

As many people in the world, I found myself struggling with the “What’s next” thought. I knew I was capable of more and started to question what it was that I wanted to do with my life. Although remaining active in the gym, I started a career in Behavioral Health utilizing what I have learned to help and inspire others with mental health and addiction issues. In return, I actually ended up learning more about myself. I learned that my positive energy and mindset can motivate people even in troubling times. With that spark lit, my passion for fitness and helping others has grown immensely. If I can be a catalyst to motivating others through fitness to reach their goals, build self-confidence and smile I know that I’m doing the right thing.

personal trainer

Carey Burleigh

Trainer / Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

In the summer of 2020, I began my transformative fitness journey. I sought out the expertise of a personal trainer and committed to the principles of the Weight Watchers program. I lost 115 pounds.

I firmly believe that every fitness quest should be a personal endeavor, deeply rooted in dedication and joy of the journey. I often emphasizes that consistency isn’t just about discipline; it’s the key to unveiling the hidden potential within. In my coaching, I champion a growth mindset. The most fulfilling moments in my coaching career arise from witnessing the tangible growth of my clients, seeing them kindle a passion for fitness, and building confidence.

Every day presents a new opportunity to set fresh goals, try out new fitness activities, and push the boundaries of what I believe is possible.

personal trainer

Cheyenne Johnson

Trainer / Coach 

Fitour Certified Personal Trainer

Turning to fitness I discovered control, discipline, strength, and something I didn’t even know I was looking for. I found purpose. I began personal training when I realized I wanted to share that experience of finding oneself and going beyond just physical strength- I wanted to help others create habits and find their own inner strength to create a life they are proud of.
Through all of my experiences from working with young athletes to elderly looking to move better… From experience with CrossFit, powerlifting, bodybuilding and functional training… If there is one thing I have found in common amongst them all, it is that movement is not only freedom, but everyone deserves to be able to move better!

personal trainer manchetser ct

Emily Fillion

Trainer / Coach 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Sports Performance Specialist, TRX Certified

I grew up playing sports and discovered lifting after graduating from college. It was a game changer for me. I had never felt more empowered and discovered confidence and strength. Exercise is a form of self-care to me, and my workouts are a time dedicated to bettering and challenging myself. I love helping others experience the benefits of lifting and living an overall healthy lifestyle. We only get one body, and I love helping others to reach their goals, live better, and see what they’re capable of. There are so many different components of living a healthier lifestyle: strength training, cardio, mobility, nutrition, and more. It can be difficult to know what to do and how to make the changes, and that’s where I come in to help!

Personal Trainer manchetser ct

Monica McNulty

Trainer / Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

client manager

Autumn LaPointe

Client Manager / Content Creator

My background is in graphic design, and I absolutely love using my creative skills to help people express themselves. But you know what else lights me up? Being outdoors—it’s like a breath of fresh air for my soul.

Motherhood has added a whole new dimension of joy and purpose to my life. Every day, I get to witness incredible milestones and adorable moments. It’s a journey I’m wholeheartedly embracing, finding the perfect balance between nurturing my little one and pursuing my artistic passions.

When I’m not busy with mommy duties or immersing myself in design projects, you can bet I’ll be lacing up my hiking boots and exploring nature’s wonders. It’s in those moments that inspiration strikes, and I find myself translating the sights and sounds of nature into my creative work.

I’m truly grateful for this phase of my life—where I can be a devoted mom, a passionate artist, and simply enjoy the journey. It’s all about going with the flow, embracing the spontaneity, and finding the magic in everyday moments. With a relaxed and easygoing approach, I’m excited to see what adventures lie ahead, both as a loving mom and a creative force.

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