Money and Love (for food)

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We have all heard the classic prescription for weight loss: “Eat less, exercise more.” This statement also applies to money: “Spend less, make more, “…right?

Okay, great. Those are easy to say but hard to do. Not to mention, how far do we go in either direction? 

Does “spend less” mean not spending anything at all and simply putting all your money away? Does “eating less” mean pounding water and energy drinks all day?

What about the other end of this spectrum? Should we be working out for six hours a day? How much money is enough money?

The mind can play tricks on us regarding food and money, and we need to remember our bodies are not machinery. We can’t simply take in less fuel or run 24 hours daily.

Ramit Sethi gives some simple, yet effective, financial advice in his book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich. He states, “spend extravagantly on the things you love as long as you mercilessly cut costs on the things you don’t.” (Sethi, Ramit). Of course, there’s more to it, but you get the idea.

I like this statement because it acknowledges that we are human. With that being said, we have an emotional attachment to things. In this classic example, many financial experts will tell you to stop buying lattes—but according to Sethi, if you LOVE lattes, you should buy them! 

When it comes to nutrition, I believe the same rules apply. If you love lattes, then go for it. But let’s think about those chips and queso we mindlessly munch on at home. It is probably in your best interest to eliminate those unless it brings you joy. 

We must realize that complete restriction is unreasonable for 99% of us, and if the ultimate goal is to be happy, then you shouldn’t short-change yourself.

Let’s keep nutrition 80/20. 

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Inspiration provided by Chris Plentus at Kanna Fitness