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Manchester’s most elite Yoga Studio for functional fitness athletes. Experience the Power of Rooted Recovery Yoga and schedule your Free Intro with a Coach now.

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Why invest in Rooted Recovery?

Tailored for the dedicated functional fitness athlete, our sessions are more than just traditional yoga. We’ve merged the serenity of classic yoga techniques with innovative recovery practices to ensure you optimize your performance in the gym. Dive deep into postures that enhance flexibility, nurture muscle recovery, and reinforce core strength.

Enhanced Flexibility

Unlock greater range of motion to boost gym performance and prevent injuries.

Rapid Muscle Recovery

Dive into postures that soothe soreness, accelerating your body's healing process.

Core Resilience

Strengthen your core foundation, vital for stability and power in functional fitness.

Mind-Body Balance

Harness the tranquility of yoga to improve mental focus and amplify your workouts.

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